OGS Vocations

The Professed Members of OGS

The Oratory of the Good Shepherd is an Anglican Community founded in 1913 at Cambridge University and now extends around the world with provincial organisations in Europe, Australia, North America and South Africa.

“If you asked the brethren to describe the Oratory you would find different viewpoints – it is a family; it is a way of living the consecrated life; a framework for living the evangelical counsels; a way of combining the religious life with personal ministry; a fellowship providing love, support and encouragement; a dispersed community of prayer, study and accountability.


It is indeed all of those things and more because it is grace that binds us together as the Seven Notes are lived and internalised and that in turn brings both peace and joy.”


Bishop Dominic Walker OGS

The Brothers of OGS gathered for General Chapter in 2019

A man wishing to test his vocation to the Oratory should contact the Provincial of the Province in which he resides or they may contact the Superior. Their contact details can be found here.

Br Ian is clothed as a probationer
in the European Province

Members of the Oratory regard each other as brothers and find within the Oratory friendship, trust and love. A commitment to the Oratory way of life is a commitment to God and to each other so that we might serve Christ the Good Shepherd both as individuals and as a community.

If you are interested in testing your vocation with us, you will be invited to join the brethren and companions at a College or Provincial Chapter as an enquirer. If you wish to proceed, there is a period of postulancy, during which you can study the Notes, Manual and Rule of the Oratory. A more senior brother is chosen to guide you through this period of discernment. If you continue to feel called to the life of the Oratory, you can be admitted as a probationer (novice) for around two years, during which the probationer lives the Oratory life under the guidance of a senior brother.

Two brothers fall prostrate before they make their Life Profession

After you have served as a probationer, you can be elected to full membership and make a profession for one year and this may be renewed annually until such time as you are eligible, and feel called, to make profession for longer periods or for life.

‘Obedience to a Calling’ was written by Dominic Walker OGS and John Thorold OGS in 1994 and gives an insight into Oratory Life. You can read it here.

A Prayer of Eric Milner White

You may find this prayer of Eric Milner White, a founding father of the Oratory,
useful as you discern God’s will in your life:

Enter our hearts, O Holy Spirit.
Come in blessed mercy and set us free.
Throw open, O Lord, the locked doors of our minds.
Cleanse the chambers of our thoughts for thy dwelling;
light there the fires of thine own holy brightness
in new understanding of truth.
O Holy Spirit, very God,
whose presence is liberty
grant us the perfect freedom
to be thy servants today, tomorrow, evermore.

For Stories and Testimonies from Professed Members of the Oratory, click here to visit the European Province’s website.

Fr Superior shown with some new brethren at their first General Chapter in Walsingham